Have Team Rocket tried shooting Ash with a gun

Person : Is that anime?
Me : (◡‿◡✿)
Person : I hate anime.
Me : (⊙‿⊙✿)
Anonymous asked: Wait OMG nothing that you have said about Malia has bothered me, but then you said Peter shouldn't be around and I'm like WAIT. Peter is hilarious LOL


Peter is vile. Fandom as a whole tends to ‘forget’ what he’s done because he is good looking and ‘sassy uncle Peter’. Uncle Peter murdered Laura, he murdered the nurse, he terrorized Scott, he attacked Lydia and continued harassing her for months.

We’re so quick to forgive and forget and while you’re fine with Malia, we’ve already got a large part of the fandom attacking Malia two/three episodes in because … we’re not happy with how she’s been handled, because of the lack of conclusion to her story? Yeah, she’s a walking plot hole, but as far as we know she’s not murdering or terrorizing the town to get what she wants. 

I personally don’t give a shit about Peter or any redemption arc’s Jeff has planned for him. The only Peter storyline I’d be happy with ends with Lydia Martin skinning him.